Progress report

We’ve been a bit quiet over the spring, so I guess we should probably remind you guys that we’re not dead yet and let you know what we’re up to.

Development has been moving at a much more steady pace this year; Since our last update we’ve modeled all of the weapons and we’re beginning texture work on them, we have a 3d greybox of the prologue level completed, AI code is undergoing some final tweaks and the majority of engine programming is complete.

It’s been decided that the Operator and Innawoods modes would be better suited to a more serious environment and we subsequently separated the two from EDN. We’re currently exclusively focusing on EDN right now but we’re eager to work on Operator and Innawoods when EDN is complete.

A singleplayer demo is in the works and we’re starting to get quite close to launching that, the only real bottleneck in our way right now is finding an experienced character modeler who’s stupid enthusiastic enough to work for admittedly little pay (suitable goyim should email examples of their work to [email protected]). So look forward to that and we’ll try to update this thing more frequently.

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