July update: Reforms in our production workflow and a website makeover.

July has been a productive month for evil death nightmare. Myself and our newly assigned project manager Taylor have been in the process of completely changing our production workflow in order to increase efficiency and productivity, as well as writing additional project documentation. We’re analyzing different key development aspects such as the risks involved, the competition, our pitch and our management workflow and then developing a plan to mitigate all of the problems and eventually release EDN. These plans will change over time and adapt as our project and industry changes. This leads to clarity and direction in the project as there are foreseeable goals and plans in place for the finished product.

Now that we have milestones and a clear path to achieve our goals we have gone back into production of assets such as 3d models, sound and animation. We’ve also launched a new website which is much nicer, less complicated and more clearly shows what EDN actually is. Make sure to check out our production blog for monthly updates on the game, subscribe to our youtube channel and like us on facebook for regular screenshots and updates.

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