Monthly Archives: December 2014

Website Changes

Im sure some of you noticed that was down for quite a while earlier this month/late last month. This was because due to budget restrictions was hosted on a server that hosted a certain videogame griefing website. Someone was upset enough to DDoS the other website and consequently went down and the host was so upset that they decided to terminate the entire server. After struggling with the host to get a backup was finally pushed up onto its own dedicated server located on its own server in the wonderful country of Iceland. What does this mean for you? Well iceland means that this site cant be shut down because “muh feels” and since its on its own dedicated server EDN will get to you faster than ever before also EDN now has the same country code as the Islamic State so enjoy being on a list.

The second change is that is now entirely behind SSL via the CloudFlare flexible SSL system. This means your connection to CloudFlare is encrypted and the connection from CloudFlare to the EvilDeathNightmare server is also secure. Now it is very hard for someone to intercept the traffic between you and, dont worry your secret is safe with us*.

TL;DR – We Iceland now and we SSL now

IS - Iceland not Islamic State

*Warning: All secrets property of infinity knives studios