Evil Death Nightmare

EDN is a throwback shooter currently in development and is inspired by a kid's scrapbook from the 90s, which contains plans for a game called "Evil Death Nightmare: attack of the spirits army".

The game's design also draws inspiration from old school first person shooters, with emphasis on level design and gameplay mechanics rather than graphics or story telling. EDN doesn't hold your hand, it encourages exploration and puts you into a nonlinear environment meticulously designed to be as fun, challenging and engaging as possile.


Our main objective is to make the game as fun as we possibly can. No cutscenes, forced sequences or anything else to take control away from the player or kill momentum. The game will give you objectives and challenges and then stay out of your way and let you play the way you want to.

Game mechanics

We took a back to basics minimalist approach when designing the mechanics for this game. Gameplay is very solid, smooth, straight forward and satisfying.

Level design

The level design is definitely going to be one of the highlights of this game. Extreme skill and effort goes into making sure every level flows and feels as close to perfect as we can possibly make it.

Weapons, pickups and inventory

Weapons are solid and well balanced, pickups are intuative and well placed and the inventory system allows you to carry as much weapons and ammo as you can find, you are going to need it after all.

Characters and AI

EDN has variety of friendly and enemy characters that are well balanced, challenging and most importantly not completely retarded.