Evil Death Nightmare

You play as Zergface, an all American freedom loving badass operator hell bent on destroying tyranny. Evil death nightmare aims to give the player as much freedom and control over their experience in the game by avoiding current industry standards and applying the right mixture of traditional, contemporary and alternative FPS gameplay concepts in order to create the most fun experience possible for EDN.

Giving players the freedom to have fun

EDN will not hold your hand, punish you for exploring a level or drag you through boring cut scenes or plotlines but rather put you into a nonlinear environment meticulously designed to encourage freedom and fun. Carry 10 weapons and 1000 rounds of ammunition at a time, kill your team mates or try to run through the level without killing any enemies, it’s 100% up to the player to utilize the game’s mechanics however they choose.

>Unique and innovative gameplay mechanics

We aspire to creating gameplay that gives EDN a distinct identity that influences and inspires other developers to take risks and experiment with ideas.

>A stable, well optimized game with solid fundamental gameplay mechanics

EDN is a game that you can download in 30 minutes, play on your mother’s laptop with a solid frame rate and has satisfying fundamental gameplay elements like gunplay, intuitive control scheme and movement.

>Hyperbolic and humorous

EDN is a game that doesn’t take itself too seriously (unlike most modern shooters) and we have designed the story, characters and dialogue to reflect that. Everything is blown out of proportion and completely unrealistic to a comical level and we hope that players appreciate these aspects of gameplay.


We aim to make EDN a game that anybody can enjoy, we want the player to leave a game with a positive experience that is unique to EDN. We want EDN to be the go to cure for boredom for as many people as possible.

A dystopian world

Evil death nightmare is set in a post-apocalyptic world controlled by a demonic force from hell, and it is up to Zergface (the main character) and a rag tag force of ordinary people to fight back and restore their freedom from Tyranny. In EDN, you are the last thing standing between the destruction of all humanity. For Zerg, failure is not an option.

The gameplay in EDN is designed to reflect the underlying theme of the storyline by taking “oppressive“ contemporary gameplay clichés and favoring traditional or alternative gameplay concepts to give the player as much freedom as possible. The demonic forces in EDN are a manifestation of the tyrannical conglomerate of production companies that attempt dictate the content within the game industry and the militia forces represent the developer’s and consumer’s discontent with the current state of the game industry, particularly FPS games.

Get involved

Infinity knives studios is looking for talented people to contribute to the development of evil death nightmare. If you meet the requirements, this is a great oppertunity for you to gain experience in the game industry and co-operate with team members from around the world.

Available positions:
- Organic modeller
- Prop modeller
- Texture artist
- Voice actor
- Concept artist

You will need a demonstration of your abilities and a skype account as we co-ordinate business meetings through our skype group. There are no paid positions available at the present time.

Sound like you? click here to apply or send us an email "[email protected]".